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(604) 533-2600

Web Site Committee


The District 43 AA Website Committee will be an Advisory Committee and will have responsibility for providing advice on the development, maintenance, and content on the District 43 AA website. They will provide recommendations on the design, graphics, placement of content, and functionality of the Website. The mandate of the District 43 AA website committee is to enhance communication and awareness, by providing health care professionals, visitors & current members access to timely, accurate and useful information about AA & District 43 via the website.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To provide recommendations on the content, format and development of the Website
  • To provide recommendations on how the Website is to be utilized by District 43 AA committees, and the general public
  • To ensure the accuracy of the content displayed on the website
  • To ensure the content on the website is maintained and updated on a timely basis
  • To set standards for further website development and monitoring
  • To coordinate the hosting of the website and maintenance of the domain name , SSL certificate


This committee consists of members who are representatives of District 43 AA committees.


The Website Committee will report to District 43 AA and provide written reports and/or presentations as requested or required.


  • Meetings will be held monthly within the District 43 AA
  • The work of this committee will be conducted via email, teleconferences and monthly meeting
  • Email correspondence will also occur on a regular basis at the call of the Chair or a committee member.
  • A teleconference number is available for the use of the committee.