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(604) 533-2600

Remote Communities Meeting Chairperson


(Service meeting – no 7th Tradition collected)

  • Chairperson is a 2 year commitment and is voted in by District (GSR’s). Person should have 2 years continuous sobriety.
  • Co-chairperson is appointed by Chairperson and should also have 2 years continuous sobriety.

Note: Preferably the positions would be co-ed.




  • Facilitate weekly remote community meeting. Chairperson sets up personalized meeting agenda ie: day and time of meeting as per remote person’s needs. Format to include reading of AA Preamble, How it Works and Serenity Prayer. Important that the remote community person has input and feels included. Remember he/she is reason for this meeting.  At this time, Chair and Co-chair rotate facilitating meeting on a bi-weekly basis and each of them hold a key for opening/closing Intergroup Office on the night of the meeting.
  • Submit item for monthly newsletter.
  • Attend monthly District meetings and be prepared to submit report/update of the remote meeting at the District meeting.
  • Update Area 79 Remote Community Chairperson on a monthly basis. Contact such person when issues/questions with regards to our Area 43 Remote Community meeting come up, or when any issues regarding Remote Community meetings as a whole arise. Usual contact is once a month.
  • Prepare and submit budget to District 43 on an annual basis.



  • Approximately 2.0 hours for attending the monthly District meeting and in addition 2.5 hours weekly consisting of:
  • Open meeting 20 minutes ahead (set-up) and 10 minutes (closing).
  • 1 hour for weekly meeting.
  • Respond to all e-mails and calls from District and Area.
  • Contact remote person at least 1 day prior to the arranged meeting.