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PICPC Chairperson

P.I./C.P.C. Chairperson Roles & Responsibilities



  1. Elected by District 43.
  2. Minimum four continuous years of sobriety with solid understanding of the Twelve Traditions.
  3. Preferred to have some service experience from the district level (for example, past GSR)
  4. Be able to commit time and energy to serve the committee and district.



  1. Chair the monthly PI/CPC meetings (prepare an agenda for meetings) – currently third Monday at 6pm at the Intergroup Office.
  2. Attend the monthly District meeting (prepare a two-minute or less written report of committee activities, etc.) – currently fourth Tuesday at 7pm at the Intergroup Office. Bring fliers of any upcoming PI/CPC events for GSRs to take back to their group.
  3. Attend Gratitude Day meetings to request the committee to facilitate a workshop, skit and PI/CPC table.
  4. Chair (or delegate a member) CPC Luncheon meetings.
  5. Meet with members 1-1 for various reasons: recruiting for positions, supporting committee members’ duties and goals


Quarterlies, Assemblies & Workshops:

  1. If local, encouraged to attend the quarterlies and assemblies.
  2. Attend the breakout sessions (suggestion: rotate between CPC and PI)
  3. For learning and networking purposes, attend PI and CPC-related workshops hosted by other districts.
  4. Attend District 43’s service functions to support your district’s events.



  1. Pick up pamphlets from Intergroup Office for committee use and for liaisons.
  2. Send in a Newsletter submission to District Newsletter Editor by the fourth Tuesday of every month.
  3. Provide business cards for liaisons. Order Langley Intergroup Office cards when needed.
  4. Build and present an annual financial committee budget to the District.
  5. Ensure traditions and concepts are discussed at monthly PI/CPC meetings. Include also reports on pamphlets, guidelines and workbooks to be discussed at meetings.
  6. Encourage liaisons to host workshops and/or luncheons (if approved by District)

7.Encourage members and groups to participate in Public Information work at the group and/or district level.

8.Encourage A.A. members to get involved with the PI/CPC committee – from liaison positions to joining a sub-committee – reaching out 1-1, inviting them to attend the meetings.  Attending a broad range of meetings helps get the word out about PI/CPC through announcements and talking to members.

  1. Participate in presentations to non-AA professionals or future professionals. Help facilitate workshops.
  2. Carry out public information presentations to the fellowship – help facilitate workshops.
  3. Reply to email and telephone questions, requests, etc. as they apply to public information and CPC.
  4. Maintain contact with DCM, providing up-to-date committee activities. Reach out to the DCM to seek with any problem-solving suggestions.
  5. Submit expenses with receipts to the district treasurer on behalf of the committee.
  6. Forward your contact information to the DCM (to register yourself with Area 79 and General Service Office).
  7. Be available to answer media requests.
  8. Ensure “About AA” newsletters are submitted (mailed or emailed) as requested. Maintain an updated database of contacts.
  9. Ensure there’s an updated database of all subcommittee contacts. Responsible for electronically storing databases to pass along to future Chairperson (for example, on a flash drive or CD).
  10. Heavily participate in luncheons for professionals (more details in CPC Luncheon binder).


Time Commitment:

The amount of time vary month to month, depending on how active the committee currently is.  The minimal monthly commitment would be approximately five hours to attend/chair meetings.  Time put aside for planning and reporting would be around two hours.  Add an hour for miscellaneous stuff.  When there is a luncheon or workshop going on, double the time commitment to about twenty hours, or more a month.  On average, ten hours a month.  The rewards of doing PI/CPC work far outweigh the time and effort put in.