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District Committee Member

The DCM_ImageDistrict Committee Member (DCM) carries the collective group conscience of the A.A. groups in District 43. The District Committee Member is elected by the Group Service Representatives (GSR) and serves a two-year term. The District Committee Member is the vital link between the GSRs and the Area 79 service structure.

Among the DCM’s two-way communication responsibilities:

  • hold regular District Committee meetings
  • receives reports through GSRs and frequent personal contact with groups in District 43
  • assists the Area 79 Delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet the deadline for A.A. directories
  • keeping GSRs informed about Conference activities
  • acquainting GSRs about The A.A. Service ManualBox 4-5-9, and other literature
  • holding workshops and sharing sessions on just about any topic

The District Committee Member has usually served as a GSR and has 4 or 5 years sobriety. He or she should have sufficient energy to serve District 43 well. District 43 provides financial support for the DCM to attend service functions such as the Area 79 Quarterlies and Assemblies. Further information is contained in The A.A. Service Manual; Chapter 3, pages S31-35 and the pamphlet Your DCM.