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District Treasurer

District Treasurer:  Roles and Responsibilities


The Treasurer should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety.

He or she should be organized enough to keep good records and it is helpful to have some accounting knowledge and/or bookkeeping experience.

The person elected will be helped by the previous treasurer to become familiar with the District 43 accounting procedures.

Knowledge of current self-support information (pamphlets, Final Conference Report, Box 459, etc.) is useful when sharing information at committee meetings and workshops.

Money has never been a requirement for A.A. membership or service work, and to keep it that way, all of A.A.’s trusted servants have an ongoing obligation to inform groups and individuals about the value of self-support and the need for voluntary contributions throughout the fellowship.


  • Process cheques and cash received.
  • Make bank deposits on a monthly basis.
  • Write and distribute expense cheques.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations and financial statements and discuss them at the district meeting.
  • Report to the District Committee regarding the District’s financial status.
  • Address any financial questions or concerns of the membership.
  • Work with the DCM and District Committee chairs to prepare yearly budgets for approval by the GSR’s.
  • Treasurer must attend and be a part of any committees related to district functions. Such as Gratitude Day and CPC luncheon.
  • Address any financial questions or concerns of the district.

Time commitment:

The amount of time that is spent on the treasurer duties does vary from month to month, it depends if there is a district function going on are not. If there are no district functions going on I spend on average of an hour and a half to two hours per month. If there’s a function going on, the time could go up to 3 to 4 hours depending on how many meetings there are in that month. It is encouraged if there is a local quarterly or assembly for the treasurer to attend and go to the finance breakout meetings.