(604) 533-2600
(604) 533-2600

District 43 GrapeVine Representative



Develop awareness among AA members of the many benefits Grapevine offers through subscriptions by mail and online information.


  • Visit Groups and meetings throughout District 43 to encourage use of GrapeVine resources as another tool helping members stay sober.
  • Liaise with Inter-Group Literature Chair regarding supplies of GrapeVine Literature.


  • Encourage members to do service work for AA by becoming GrapeVine Reps for their Groups.


  • Encourage Members to become familiar with the AA GrapeVine web site
  • <www.aagrapevine.org> and pass along information and activities of interest.
  • Encourage Members to contribute articles, stories, photographs, cartoons or illustrations to GrapeVine for publication. Always check guidelines first.
  • Attend District 43 monthly meetings and Area 79 quarterlies and assemblies, if possible.
  • Always keep DCM in the picture and/or Area 79 GrapeVine Chair up to date on any workshops or GrapeVine activities planned in District 43.


  • Complete annual budget on timely basis as requested.


This is a fairly new position in the District and it is yours to evolve further.  In 2013 we held a Writing Workshop Day, attended by our Area GrapeVine Chair Gail P. and a 70th Birthday party in 2014.  The current budget is $100.00 per year and the time commitment averages 2 hours a week—aside from the Quarterlies and Voting Assemblies which are not mandatory.  This is an excellent service position to meet and greet others and share your interest in our “Little Meeting in Print”.

Service is its own reward.