The Remote Communities Meeting’s mission is to carry the message to those who are unable to make it to regular face-to-face meetings on a consistent basis. Members may be faced with travel or geographic challenges or may face barriers such as language, cultural considerations and/or anything else that could separate a person who needs A.A. from our lifesaving program of recovery.

The Remote Communities Meeting (RCM) is a fully self-supporting, weekly remote-community meeting called As Bill Sees It. As Bill See It meets at the Langley Intergroup Office, 20449 Douglas Crescent, every Thursday at 7:00 pm. The meeting format includes: reading of the AA Preamble; reading How it Works from the book of Alcoholics Anonymous; a selected passage from the book As Bill Sees It; and reciting the Serenity Prayer. The RCM Chairperson will collaborate with the remote community persons to accommodate the needs and schedules of those involved.

The Remote Communities Meeting service structure is a Chairperson and a Co-Chairperson. Langley Group provides support the first Thursday of each month. RCM welcomes support from other groups and individual A.A. members