Newsletter_ImageThe District 43 Newsletter is a newsletter by and for the members of Alcoholics Anonymous in District 43. The newsletter is compiled and edited by the District 43 Newsletter Editor. The District 43 Newsletter is a vehicle for communication within District 43 with the aim of strengthening unity and participation.

The District 43 Newsletter Editor receives submissions via e-mail from District Committee members for inclusion into the newsletter by the fourth Tuesday of each month. The District Committee members forwarding submissions are the District Committee Member and each of the District Committee Chairpersons of the Archives Committee, Public Information/Co-operation with the Professional Community Committee, GrapeVine Committee, and Remote Communities Meeting. Langley Intergroup Committee, A.A. groups, A.A. members, and surrounding districts also provide content for the Newsletter.The Newsletter Editor maintains monthly features, including the District 43 Meeting Directory, and includes articles of interest relating to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Newsletter Editor compiles and edits not only for accuracy and space requirements, but also for compliance with the Twelve Traditions. The District 43 Newsletter is produced using computer application program MicroSoft Publisher. The final Newsletter draft is sent to Staples in PDF file format via their on-line order form.

The District 43 Newsletter is printed monthly by Staples at a discounted corporate cost of $108.86 per month for 450 copies consisting of two double-sided pages, one of which is coloured paper.  Payment is made at the time of pick-up. The Newsletters are usually printed within two days of receipt of the PDF file. The collated copies are delivered to the Langley Intergroup Office where, as a courtesy, the phone volunteers fold the two pages to form a booklet and hold them at the office, ready for pick-up by the groups.  The Newsletter should be ready for distribution as close to the beginning of each month as possible.

The District 43 Newsletter Editor is a member of the District Committee and serves a two-year term